A webinar by Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore.
In the run up to 2023, new measures and mechanisms are emerging to help the shipping industry on its route to decarbonization.

At the IMO, preparations are underway to facilitate the maritime world’s transition to low- and zero-carbon solutions. The latest MEPC 78 outcomes have shed light on EEXI, CII and SEEMP, while touching on other key sustainability topics such as the new Mediterranean SECA zone.

Although regulatory requirements are becoming clearer, the numerous pathways to achieving them each entail their own challenges. Biofuels have proven a promising contender to help shipping reach its ambitious decarbonization targets in this new regulatory landscape. But what is really at stake when adopting biofuels? What are the benefits and hurdles to overcome from the perspective of a shipowner?

This webinar will help you gain a better understanding of latest developments in emissions regulation in the run-up to 2023. We will also explore the potential and challenges of biofuels.
  • A summary of key outcomes from the latest MEPC 78
  • Clarification of the action plan to integrate EEXI, CII & SEEMP
  • A focus on biofuels from a technical, regulatory and environmental perspective